IT section's Weekly Report - week 11

måndag, 18 mars, 2019
weekly report


Dear IT students,
this Thursday spring will officially enter our lives (despite the neverending rainy mood of Gothenburg…) as well as we’re taking our first steps into this year’s conclusion. As you may know, nominations for next year’s Göta and its sections board are still open so you can run to be elected and carry on what Göta strives for in order to improve all your students’ lives. In the meantime, we sincerely hope that our everyday work will bring its results in the near (and remote) future to make your stay here in the IT faculty as enjoyable as possible. But hey! We’re still far from being gone, and there’s still loads of things to go! Take a look at all our recent and coming stuff!

your friendly neighbourhood IT section’s board: Verena, Johnny, Alena, Snezhina, Stefano



Nomination for IT Section’s board and main Göta Council - 20th March deadline!!!
Nominations for next year at Göta Student Union and its sections are still open!
You can candidate yourself for on full time positions, board position or auditor, both at central and section level.
The Student Union's full-time positions consist of, among others, the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Göta student union and the section chair (and vice-chair) of the five sections we have. People on this positions work full time for one year with the student union's daily activities. The members of the board of directors constitute support for the full-time employee of the union and are elected on a non-profit basis.

Click here to know more about the position you might want to run for.
Here’s the link to the form - deadline to apply is set on March 20th h:23.59!



6th Board Meeting
Our last board meeting took place in Heaven (yeah, you read it right) on Friday. Aside from sacred issues and stuff, we had time to talk about planning a kick-ass Kickoff event for next year, a kick-ass Kickout event in June, as well as Verena’s trip to meet Austrian Student Unions this weekend so we can exchange ideas about organization and management. A kick-ass meeting, definitely.

Workshop about Excellent Teachers
On Thursday March 14th your board members went to the lovely Ågrenska Villan at Johanneberg to discuss about what it takes to be an excellent teacher. It’s been a useful and inspiring meeting where we had the possibility to brainstorm different perspectives from us students and professional teachers about what pushes (and pull) beginner and expert teachers to pursue excellence, and what excellence should mean.

Wanna join us for the next workshop about collaboration with external organisations in April (and - let’s be honest - have an awesome lunch)? Then write to us at for more info!



Lunch Lecture on Sustainable IT Entrepreneurship on March 20th
Lindholmen Students for Sustainability and Göta studentkår IT section continue the lunch lecture series with the third lecture focusing on IT entrepreneurship and responsible consumption.
As our speaker we will hear Ebba Heselius, CEO and Founder of Swapster, a start-up with the idea of impacting consumption behaviours and contributing to the sharing economy one swap at a time.
In her talk she will tell us about her start-up journey from working at H&M Foundation to starting her own tech business, and inspire us to change the world for the better as sustainable entrepreneurs in the tech-sector.

WHERE? Torg Orange, House Patricia
WHEN? 20/3 2019, 12:00-13:00

There will be vegetarian and vegan lunch sandwiches provided according to a "first come - first served" basis.
Follow the event to stay tuned on:

Trial Lecture on Cognitive Science on March 20th
IT Faculty is carrying on its new teachers hiring programme in order to ensure a better learning quality to the students of IT and bring some fresh experiences through young and motivated teachers.
So you’re warmly welcome to join the trial lectures for Cognitive science on 20/3 from 13-14.30 in Torg 3! You can then send your opinion about the two lecturer-candidates to and we make sure that the teacher suggestion council (Lärarförslagsnämnd) takes your opinion into acount!
Hope to see you there! Click here for the event.


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