IT section's Weekly Report - week 8

weekly report

Still open for elections - come and join us!

What happens in a prefect council?
On Tuesday 19/2 your chairwoman Verena met with the prefect council of the IT faculty. You wonder now what the heck a prefect council is? In the prefect council, all prefects (head of the departments) meet to advice the dean about decisions. There, we discuss economy, education, research on a more general level.

Communication in Göta studentkår
On Monday 18/2, your chairwoman Verena and boardmember and communicator Stefano De Romanis met the communication council of Göta studentkår to discuss how to improve our outreach to students. Among others, we plan to hold another round of union presentations and improve our social media strategy.
Do you have a good idea of how to improve the union’s communication? Don’t hesitate to write to us via


Take a look at our upcoming events!

LSS’s Lunch Lecture 2 on February 27th - Is your mind sustainable?
Lindholmen Students for Sustainability along with us at Göta studentkår IT section continue the lunch lecture series with a lecture and workshop held by Deborah Rupert, professional coach. Together we will explore inner sustainability and mind health so you can reach full potential and have a positive impact in the world. The lecture will explore the mental challenges faced by science innovators and problem solvers.
Deborah Rupert is a professional coach with a science twist. During 10 years working as a biophysicist in academia and industry, she saw too many minds burning-out. Now she helps science innovators cultivate mental clarity so they can thrive towards a sustainable future for all.
Sign the event on your agenda by clicking here.

Every spring the Union Elections (Kårvalet) are held at Göta to elect next year’s General Assembly, the highest ruling body of the students’ union. It is now time to nominate candidates, which means that you have the opportunity to run for a place among the assembly.
All union members are eligible for candidacy, either as an individual candidate or together with other candidates on a list. The union members will then vote in the elections where you will campaign for votes.
Read all about how the General Assembly works and how the Union Elections are held here and contact the Election Committee at if you want more information regarding the candidacy process. We need your candidacy by March 10th.
The elections will be held March 18 -29.

Thinking of joining Göta studentkår as a boardmember?
Come and join the 6th board meeting of Göta studentkår IT section on March 16th and see what the fuss is about! Save the event on your agenda and send an email to if you want to take part.


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