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Labour market

A clear connection to the labour market is of great value for all students to be well prepared for future working life.

The University of Gothenburg is responsible for ensuring that all educational programmes have a clear connection to the labour market and should work for broader collaborations with the surrounding society to improve educational relevance. 

Getting business contacts during the early phases of education boosts your job opportunities after your studies. Accordingly, Göta studentkår works with various labour market related events and special projects such as work fairs, lectures, workshops and other exciting activities to provide you with advantages in the market.

Read more about how we approach the labour market, both from the student perspective and the perspective of the market itelf.

For students

Göta studentkår’s Labour Market

Göta studentkår’s labour market consists of one centralized Head of Labour Market and five board members with labour market responsibility at each faculty, who work towards the goal that you as a student get to meet your future working life before finishing studies. Together they form the Labour Market Council.

Louise Källström

Head of Labour Market Göta studentkår

072 235 38 18
arbetsmarknad (a)
Annika Gren

Educational Science Section

Claudia Willkomm

Social Science Section

Elin Hammar

Humanities Section

Michaela Andersson

Humanities section

Hector Lyngfelt


Are you a student and interested in getting involved with the labour market work? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your section. You will find contact information to each section in the drop-down menu at the top of the website.

What can I do?

Participate in events!

As a student, we offer you a broad variety of activities, including breakfast, lunch- and after work lectures, creative workshops and fun work fairs. We work to provide you with both specific events and activities relevant for your section, with a great connection to your studies, as well as central events that all students can be a part of. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website for more information about upcoming activities and events.

Raise your voice!

We are doing our work because of you. Our vision is to create a space for students and organizations to meet in different creative labour market related activities.

Furthermore, our goal is to make the activities relevant, be complementary to your education and future in the labour market. Therefore, we appreciate your input about what is relevant for your specific studies.

Get involved!

As a student, you have the opportunity to be a part of Göta studentkår’s work with the labour market. If you are interested, there are many ways to participate.

You may:
  • Create events and activities together with your section board or by yourself. 
  • Be a part of Inspire, Göta studentkår’s work fair to create Gothenburg's best fair for students.
  • Apply to become a board member at your section or as Head of Labour market.

Should you be interested to work with the labour market in your section or more central, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about the process.

Inspire is Göta studentkår’s work fair, a fair created by students for students and companies. The fair is arranged annually during the spring and is aiming towards new, as well as soon to be graduated students. Inspire provides you with the unique opportunity to directly network and gain connections with your future workspace.

To get more information about participation or how to get involved, visit the Inspire web page.


Do you have any questions regarding the labour market?

Email: arbetsmarknad (a)

For companies and employers

Göta studentkår represent over 25 000 students at five of eight faculties at the University of Gothenburg; Social Science Section, Natural Science Section, Humanities Section, Educational Science Section and IT-section.

Since the founding of Göta studentkår in 2010, the organisation has established several different collaborations with companies, suppliers and organisations of all kinds.

Your business has the unique opportunity to market yourself as attractive and relevant towards tomorrow's employees, either a specific targeted group at a section or overall students. With our expertise and knowledge, we are offering you to create activities with us.

For inquiries regarding collaborations, kindly contact: samarbeten (a)

As a student union, we are specialized in students and their needs, which lies as the main foundation of all our activities. Collaborating with Göta studentkår give you the opportunity to reach out to your target group in a relevant and contemporary way and create a platform for valuable networking.

We offer the following types of events:


Lecture concepts in the form of breakfast, lunch- and after work activities are highly appreciated and provide great possibilities for exposing your business skills in a natural milieu directly with students.


A workshop is an interactive activity where students get to work practically with solving cases/problems related to your business.

Designed market space

You receive an assigned space at the faculty during a designated time. This is great opportunity to talk to students, distribute information and products at the same time as marketing your business on the spot.

Inspark (welcome weeks)

The biggest welcoming for new students are arranged during the autumn terms first weeks, where we together with our associations and “phaddrar” welcomes thousands of new students. We arrange parties, pub crawls, city walks, sittningar and much more. Your business has the opportunity to sponsor the Inspark, or arrange activities and be a part of the student's university kick in.


We believe in knowledge exchange between new students, graduate students and businesses where you may mentor and coach students at the beginning of their career.

Digital campaign

We are happy to create added value beyond specific labour market activities for you, therefore we offer businesses new chances to contemporary interact and activate students by digital campaigns. Together with our social media channels and tools, you can reach out to specific target groups for a longer period of time.


We can in dialogue with you customize activities in combination with one or more alternatives above based on your personal needs.

Inspire is Göta studentkårs work fair, a fair created by students for students and companies. The fair is arranged annually every spring and targets new as well as last year students. Your business gets the unique opportunity to directly network, recruit and get in touch with students in different fields.

Are you interested in recruitment? Share your trainee programmes or your summer, thesis- and job opportunities? Inspire is the perfect meeting place and the chance for you! 

To get more information on participation contact: (available during January-March) or