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Bild på SG Krom från 2022


The student group for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Molecular biology (SG KRoM) is an association organized underneath Göta studentkår working towards supporting students at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular biology. We are represented at the department board and programme councils. All students at the department that are members of Göta studentkår are automatically members of ours and are welcome to our meetings that usually are held irregularly.

To be active in the student association is a great merit and a way of making contacts with students in different years, teachers, scientists and the labour market. If you have anything you wish to say about your studies, whether it is about a course that needs improvement, exams, lecturers, work environment or anything else related to your time at the University, you are more than welcome to be in touch with us via email or attend a meeting. To attend meetings and being an active member you get the possibility to affect your studies.

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