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SG Miljö

SG Miljö is part of the section of science at Göta studentkår and is the section association for students studying environmental science at both bachelors and masters levels. Our role as a section association is partly to be a connection between the students and the department, proposing our ideas of how the environmental science programmes can be Improved, and to create a good social environment for the students, we do this thorugh arranging events for the environmental science students such as parties and more.

In our role as being the link between the students and the department, it is important to receive input from students about how they experience their studies. We strive to have frequent meetings where we discuss whats going on at the department and how it affects us as students aswell as planning things to do to strengthen the bond with students at our programmes.

If you want to know more, get in touch at our facebook page!

sg miljö med groda