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Student well-being

Student health



Göta studentkår wants to see a university where no student gets sick from their studies.

Students are a vulnerable group, both financially and have a pressure within their studies. This creates a situation where many students feel bad as a result of their studies. This is not acceptable and we therefore want to see greater efforts from the university to tackle the mental and physical ill-health among students. Ill health should never lead to a student not being able to finish his studies or live a full life.

Göta studentkår wants:
Göta studentkår wants:
  • Expand student health care so that it works more preventively
  • Carry out a survey among the students about what the health situation at the University of Gothenburg looks like today
  • That students are seen as a given party in the work with ill health at the university

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Feelgood - your student healthcare

If you as a student feel that you have health concerns that are caused by your studies, you can get support from the university's student health provider, for example in the form of a call.

Feelgood Göteborg City is the University of Gothenburg's supplier of student health and they are the ones you should contact if you need student health care.

Read more about Feelgood on the student portal


Self-help house Solkatten

Self-help house Solkatten organizes free self-help groups in Gothenburg and online to discuss with others and be inspired about how to deal with life's challenges in a better way. In the Self-Help Group, you get to put your feelings and thoughts into words in an accepting and conscious environment.

Self-help house Solkatten is a non-profit association supported by the municipality of Gothenburg and is Sweden's first and largest self-help house with over 25 years of experience in initiating and facilitating self-help groups.

Read more on Självhjälpshuset Solkatten's website

Wake me Up

If you are a student aged between 16-25, you can book an appointment for free professional coaching at Wake me Up. It can be about studies, relationships, career or decision anxiety. Leadership, stress, sports or choosing a path in life. It's entirely up to you!

Wake me Up is a non-profit association that works to awaken young people's dreams and hope for the future. Each
conversations are confidential and you, who book an appointment, choose what you want to talk about.

Read more on Wake me Up's website