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Student influence

Students have the right to be represented when decisions are made or preparation takes place that is important for the education or the students' situation.

The Higher Education Act, Chapter 2, Section 7

Students in Sweden have a statutory right to student influence.

Students 'right to participate in and influence the university's activities is regulated in the Higher Education Act, in which students' right to attend decision-making and preparation is established. Student influence is most often conducted through student representation and in practice means that a number of students are elected to represent all the university's students in the bodies and councils that deal with issues related to education and the work environment.

The right to appoint student representatives

Only student unions, according to section 16 of the Student Union Ordinance, have the right to appoint student representatives. At five of the University of Gothenburg's total of eight faculties, it is Göta studentkår's right and responsibility to represent the students. Göta studentkår work with student influence does not end with the election of student representatives.

How do we work with student influence?

Göta studentkår works every day, in the sections with faculty-specific issues and centrally with major impact issues, with student influence towards the University of Gothenburg as well as towards the student city of Gothenburg. Göta studentkår's vision is to ensure an education to be proud of for all students at our five sections, something we always work actively with but which we most easily achieve together with you as a student. 

Influence your education in three steps:
Influence your education in three steps:
  1. Always use your right to make course evaluations
  2. Contact your section when you have opinions or when there are deviations from the rules
  3. Become a student representative at your department, faculty or at central level.

Do you think that student influence is important?