Welcome to Göta studentkår!

We represent students at the faculties of social sciences, art/humanities, educational sciences, IT and natural sciences.


Göta studentkår

As the second largest students’ unions in Sweden, we are the representational body of all students enrolled at the faculties of Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Educational Sciences, Humanities / Arts and IT at the University of Gothenburg. 

We represent your interests towards the university and pursue issues that concern both your education and your social life as a student in Gothenburg.

We are part of cooperations like GFS (The Association of Students’ unions in Göteborg) and SFS (The Swedish National Union of Students) where we work to influence policy and decision makers at both local and national levels. We advocate matters of student housing, discounts on public transport and the CSN student aid. Where there are things to improve for students, there you will find us!

What do we do?

The most important role of the students’ union is to safeguard the quality in education and make sure that your programme and courses meet the standards that you are entitled to expect. 
In practice, this means that we are present whenever the university makes decisions that impact your studies. We speak on the students’ behalf and advocate matters that are important to you as a student. We also assure that new policies do not affect your education or study conditions negatively. 

The right for students to have a voice in these situations is guaranteed by Swedish law. It is the students’ union that manages this right. By signing up for a membership with Göta studentkår you help legitimize our operation and take a stand for increased student participation at the University of Gothenburg. 

If I sign up, what do I get?
The unions exists so that you may feel confident knowing there is an organization at the university that safeguards your interests and, if needed, represents you. Many of the commodities you will be taking for granted during your studies, like microwave ovens and student areas with sufficient amounts of wall sockets, exist thanks to the students’ union. For additional membership benefits, click here. 

Great! If you want to participate in any way there are plenty of opportunities within Göta studentkår. We are always on the lookout for ambitious students to work on different projects and we strive to match you with a task that meets both your requests and the available time you have to spare. Feel free to visit our offices or contact us if you want to know more.

If you want your academic life to be fuller- not to mention more fun- please join us today.


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