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SG Europa

This is the student group for students at the Centre for European Studies (CES) at the University of Gothenburg. We are a part of Göta student union, and on behalf of the student union, we appoint representatives to posts which are supposed to be occupied by a student at CES. Those representatives are our foremost way of being able to communicate with and affect our teachers, CES and others about things related to our education.

The student group also arranges social events for student, such as parties, trips or sport events. There are always things being planned. If you yourself would like to arrange something, either for all students at CES, for your programme or your year, we are happy to help. Through us, you will be able to book places or apply for money. You can also use the experience of the active students within the student group.

We have student group meetings about once a month, in which we discuss everything which is happening that has to do with students at CES. To find out when the next meeting will be held, visit our Facebook page. On the page you will also find other information and come in contact with other students at CES.

Board members 2019/2020
President: Otto Nermo
Vice President: Max Åkesson
Financial manager: Oscar Lindberg
Event managers: Ebba Lundvall & Josefin Ogne
Social media managers: Alva Djäknestam & Hugo Landén

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